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    Showcase your home to look its very best.

    When selling your home, you will want to make it look as attractive as possible. Buyers are not coming for just a quick look but rather a careful inspection. Here are a few basic tips to help get your home market-ready!


    declutterMinimize distractions such as trinkets, frames and keepsakes from shelves, fireplace mantels, and countertops. It is always a great idea pre-pack items you do not need while your home is on the market. The idea is to showcase your home in a way that separates your family from the home so that potential buyers can fully visualize their family’s belongings in your home. Distractions are difficult for buyers to overcome. Remember, buyers are out home shopping- and your home may be the tenth home they’ve toured that day. Create a soothing atmosphere that is welcoming, clean and refreshing! Your home needs to stand out above and beyond the competition.



    2c5c794861b96de853c113c83eac4df8_keep-toss-2-organize-paper_300x300_galleryStore your documents online. Scan, upload, digitize, or e-mail your docs to SlideShare, Posterous, Microsoft OneNote or Google Docs. You’ll never have to worry about computer crashes. Keep mail off of the kitchen counters and bar tops. Pin boards with calendars, school work and paper clippings are distracting. Keep paper trails tidy and out of sight- try storing mail and coupons in a pretty display box and keep it safe in a cabinet or tucked away in your pantry.



    garageDefine the space. Creatively define each space to highlight its use. Create a mudroom that is neat and orderly, a home office workspace, or a kids afterschool room with chalk boards and desks. If you don’t have a space to utilize for a mudroom, try a section of your garage or utility room. Be creative and maximize a room or space to its full potential. Showcase your home’s best features to potential buyers and invest in easy storage solutions.




    home-stagingLighten up. Some people like to live in dark houses, but buyers prefer as much light as possible for home tours. Be sure to leave the shades up and the drapes opened. Homes show so much better with light! Turn on every lamp and every light in the house including the ones in the bathroom and closets. Open window curtains and blinds- let the natural light shine through.

    Temperature Matters. Keep the home on a cool, comfortable temperature, especially during the summer showings months. Turn on all ceiling fans, fluff the throw pillows and make all beds neat and tidy.



    my channel artAdd simple curb appeal. Thoroughly clear all little branches, rake the leaves, and trim the bushes. Every landscaping detail proves that you care, and this translates to buyer appeal! We’ve all heard it a thousand times- curb appeal is key to the first impression. Your landscape is the very first thing potential buyers see. Keep up the yard maintenance and add any simple landscaping updates, freshen mulch, plant bright flowers, remove any weeds and trim busy shrubbery.



    driveway_450Give it a power wash. Power wash your driveway and the front porch- you’d be surprised how much better a house looks after a good bath—especially the garage doors. Make sure the exterior of your home is in good repair- replace any broken or deteriorated trim and siding, power wash and touch up paint if needed.

    Touch up or neutralize paint inside. Don’t forget the trim work, baseboards and doors. Complete any homeowner maintenance needed: caulking, replace light bulbs, patch wall homes, Service A/C and other mechanicals.



    DH2014_master-bedroom-04-EPP3835-Master-bedroom_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725Deep clean home, especially carpet, if needed. If you have tile work in your home be sure to give your grout a good cleaning, and polish wood flooring. If you have any rugs in your home have them cleaned or removed. Depending on your home’s layout, some rugs can make a room appear smaller and the objective is to maximize space wherever possible. Be sure to clean all windows and don’t forget your fireplace. Clean off any fingerprints from stainless steel appliances and wipe clean all mirrors. Don’t forget about kitchen deep cleaning: oven, microwave and stovetop!




    532Good smells vs. bad smells. Make sure there are no stale odors including in the garage. I recommend using lemon or citrus scented candles for showings and running a few lemon wedges through the garbage disposal. Covering up the smell is not the answer. Sometimes it takes a thorough cleaning of carpets, drapes, and upholstery. It also helps to open windows to get air flowing and to clean out the air ducts. We like to recommend using an odor eliminator called PureAyre that smells like mint. The product can be ‘injected’ into furniture or carpets. It can also be sprayed into the air. When buyers come into a home, many are turned off by the smell of air fresheners or candles. Smart buyers know these are old tricks used to cover up smells, not eliminate them. If you decide to introduce any pleasant smelling items to your home, try to stick to basic scents such as vanilla, apple, cinnamon, and lemon. In small doses, these often appeal to most buyers. A small reed diffuser in a bathroom can keep a clean smell, while not overwhelming the space. Before every showing be sure to take out the garbage.


    Size up the competition. Walk through model homes in your area to see what professionally staged homes look like. You can get a variety of great ideas to prepare your home for sale.



    Clutter-free, well-lit, & zero distractions!

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