• Testimonials

    I had rented my whole life and never dreamt of owning my own home, and Alfred took the time to show me how to get it done. Alfred assisted me with securing a home loan, was in constant contact, and negotiated fiercely for repairs the home needed. I felt he made sure I was asking myself the right questions and that I was comfortable with the answers. We probably saw 15 homes before I found the home that was best for me, and over the 3 month period of house shopping Alfred was always there to answer my questions. I have referred him to several co-workers and he’s helped them purchase their homes as well.

    I will always refer my Realtor, Alfred Castillo, to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate!

    Alfred Castillo is my Realtor and I am so thankful that I was referred his way by coworker. Alfred is very knowledgable about the Houston Market. He helped me narrow down my search area to the perfect location and get me the best deal for my home. Alfred looks after his clients 100%! With Alfred, it is always about HIS CLIENTS NEEDS 1ST.

    If you’re buying in Houston then you need to call Alfred!

    Alfred was referred to me from a friend, and once I made contact with him he got right to work helping me find a rental. He set me up on an automatic notification system, which made my search much easier, as I knew the properties were available in the price range and area I was interested in. He moved quickly and was always quick to reply once I found a home I liked. I’ve referred him to several friends, and will continue to do so. Once I’m ready to make a move of any sort, rent or purchase, I’ll be contact my agent, Alfred Castillo.

    I was referred to Alfred and so happy we were!

    Alfred has been our preferred family Realtor for over 7 years now since 2006. He’s always the first name that pops into my head when I have a friend in need of a good agent. He’s helped us sell and purchase 3 homes, helped my sister and my parents purchase their homes, and sold my neighbors property as well. He’s always responsive, always available, always professional, and always does a great job. You can tell that he loves what he does, and he’s always so appreciative when we send him referrals. He understands his business is based on referrals, so he’s always trying to provide his clients with the best service possible.

    We are repeat clients!

    I’ve been in the mortgage business for over 10 years now, and have worked with Alfred for the past 4 years. He’s been our preferred agent for all of our Greater Houston clients, and has always done a great job for us. I finally got around to making my first home purchase this year, and there was no doubt who I was going to call. Alfred explained the process from the buyer’s prospective, as I’ve done plenty of loans, but really didn’t have a good understanding of what took place on the buyer side. It was eye opening and I think Alfred helped me become an informed buyer, but also a better loan officer as well. He has always been responsive and available when we need to talk to him, and whenever we have a client, family, or friend he’s always with first one that comes to mind.

    Our preferred agent!

    Alfred Castillo is very very professional and he helped our family so much! He explained everything step by step, we highly recommend Metro Realty!

    They care!

    My husband and I were contemplating on selling our home when we were referred to Alfred. We were amazed when he told us that we should not sell yet, and we’re thankful that we took his advice. This was about 2 years ago, and now our home has gained another $40K in value. We’ll be considering selling again real soon, and we’ll be sure we contact Alfred when we’re ready.

    Alfred is my guy! We love our Realtor!

    I always rely on referrals for all of my business dealings, so when I asked for a realtor referral Alfred’s name was given to me. I’ve consulted with Alfred on several investment deals, and he will be listing my home next year as we make our transition to the Heights. I like his responsiveness.

    Alfred handles all of my Houston investments!

    As first time homebuyers we were nervous as I’m sure many others are. We found Alfred online after seeing a few properties on our own. He was very personable, and when he offered he services we gave him a shot. He was always available, always quick to respond, and was very accommodating. He did talk about his boys a bit much. Just kidding as we know he loves his family. We felt as though he was informative and provided us with great service. We just closed on our home in September and we’re really excited, and confident in our purchase. I will gladly refer Alfred to anyone that needs a good realtor.

    Personable and sound advice and consultation!

    Alfred has been my go-to Realtor for years now. He was referred to me by a colleague, and he’s helped me sell 2 homes and purchase 2 homes in the past 4 years. I appreciate his work ethic and honesty.

    Professional and Hardworking!

    Alfred was referred to my husband and I by our lender. He contacted us immediately and got to work. He knew just what we were looking for in our first home and always kept us update with new listings. He was patient and always available as we viewed probably 15-20 homes before finding the right one. This was our first home purchase, and we were so grateful Alfred took the time to explain the process and the potential pitfalls along the way. It wasn’t easy, but we got to the closing table. Thank you so much Alfred; you will definitely hear from us again when its time to purchase our next home!!

    Thank you so much Metro Realty Partners!

    Alfred was referred to me by a co-worker after I had been working with another agent for a few months. I wasn’t happy and was getting frustrated. I immediately felt comfortable with Alfred after we first spoke, as he made me feel like he was sure he was going to help me find what I was looking for. Alfred kept me informed and prepared for the possible scenarios I would face, and both fortunately and unfortunately, a lot of what he prepared me for came to pass. Being prepared and informed gave me confidence in my decisions to purchase my particular home and ultimately choose Alfred as my agent. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to anyone. Thank you Alfred!

    Alfred’s confidence was reassuring- and he delivered!

    Alfred helped me find my new home. As a young first-time homebuyer I was nervous, but Alfred had a way of setting me at ease. I wish him the best and will definitely refer his name to anyone that wants to buy or sell a home.

    Alfred is a great Realtor- I will definitely refer him!

    Alfred and Danielle made buying a home for the first time an easy process. They were extremely helpful and found the right home for me. I would recommend Alfred and Danielle to anyone who is buying a home in houston.

    First time homebuyer… and they were so great!

    I highly recommend Metro Realty Partners. Alfred and Danielle are wonderful to work with. They have a great business ethic and I know they are looking out for my families best interest.

    I trust them!

    My name is Jean W. Williams, Alfred Castillo is my property manager. August of 15, Alfred assisted me in renting my home. Alfred’s professionalism and personality made me comfortable enough to trust his advice, Alfred knew my concerns to find someone who would be a good fit for my home, he found a tenant that met my qualifications as a renter. Alfred is managing my property with the same expertise, and professionalism from the beginning of our relationship. I am very pleased with Alfred’s work ethic. I would recommend his services highly to others. Mr. Castillo is now assisting me in the sale of my property 3422 Angel Lane and I have full confidence he will do all he can to assist in the sale of my home.

    I would highly recommend their services!

    My brother found Alfred online at Zillow, and he was great. We travel a lot and had conflicting schedules, but he made it work for us. He was very easy to talk to, and knew just how to explain things to us as first time home buyers!

    So easy to talk to!

    I found Alfred and Danielle on Zillow.com and when we met they set me at ease with their confidence that they would help me find the right home and ask the right questions. This was my first home purchase, and when the time comes I’ll call on Alfred and Danielle again. They have earned my referrals.

    They have earned my referrals!

    I found Alfred and Danielle on Zillow.com. I wanted to find out what the value of my home would be if I sold it. I wasn’t ready at the time to sell, but Danielle provided me with the information I needed and kept in touch with me for over 1 year. Finally, when I was ready to make the move to the suburbs, I called Alfred and Danielle immediately. They sold my home in less than 2 weeks! I am more than just happy with their service. They helped me in more ways than they will ever know and I am very happy to rate these two with excellence.

    I am so glad I found them on Zillow.com!

    Alfred and Danielle Castillo are so wonderful to work with. I was referred to them by a colleague and I am so glad I took their advice to go with this great team! I had another Realtor in mind and I decided to go with Alfred and Danielle after my first initial conversation with Alfred. Alfred is knowledgeable about the Houston area. I couldn’t narrow down what area I wanted to live in- this city is HUGE! He was very honest with me about my choices and took the time to get to know US- my family and I. He helped me realize which area of town would suit me and my family. Our situation was very difficult since I was just coming out of a previous divorce situation. He placed me in good hands when I need to secure the loan, he helped me find the perfect home and all the while giving me such great advice that I didn’t even think of! When I hear people say they don’t need a realtor to represent them trust me when I say, I was one of these people that thought the same way. Alfred and Danielle are a great, great team and they are not just my go-to Realtor, but are now, my friends. I trust Alfred and Danielle Castillo with Metro Realty so much with my friends and my family. I know when I refer someone to them they are going to be in good hands. Knowledgeable, friendly, genuine, professional, courteous and attentive. This is how I would characterize this team. When I sell this home I will definitely be calling on Alfred and Danielle Castillo.

    My situation was difficult. They helped me every step of the way!

    Alfred and Danielle sold my home in less that 1 month!!! I was so confused on which Realtor to use but I immediately felt comfortable with Alfred and Danielle! They KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING and I can’t say enough how grateful I am for their services. When they asked me to submit a review for them I SAID ABSOLUTELY! I wanted everyone who reads this to know what this amazing couple did for us. If you want agents you can trust, if you want a team that is honest and trustworthy, if you want RESULTS and GOOD consultation then you need to call on Alfred and Dani with Metro Realty Partners in Houston. They are wonderful.

    They are a dedicated team!

    We are repeat customers with Alfred Castillo. He helped us purchase our first home in 2002 and just helped us sell this very home. We are moving into our new home in Cypress and we couldn’t be more pleased with our new home. The neighborhood, the school, and the floorplan match our criteria perfectly. This home fits our family beautifully. THANK YOU ALFRED!

    Your friends and clients,

    Ernest and Milley

    Thank you Metro Realty!

    Thank you so much for helping us find a nice condo near the college. It’s a great, safe area and we really are enjoying the area. Thank you!

    The Rodriguez Sisters

    We were concerned about moving to a new area, but we found a nice home near a good school in the perfect area. Thank you so much to Metro Realty Partners and Mr. Alfred Castillo for assisting us during this entire process! -Joe and Barb

    The Smith Family

    We were very worried about buying a new home, but we were supported through the entire process and very happy with our new home! Alfred is someone we trust completely and we will be referring Metro Realty to anyone who needs real estate needs! Thank you, Alfred!

    The Johnson Family